Your new experience

We are the first to produce and export French wine made to consume in a simple way.  PinkGrap is the first Bordeaux wine ever to be sold in a can.  PinkGrap is unique.  This wine of Bordeaux in a 25-cl aluminum can is composed of 60% merlot and 40% cabernet-sauvignon.  The aluminum can guarantees the conservation of the wine and preserves its light and fruitful flavor.

Pink Grap is ideal for many different occasions: before and during a tasty meal, as an aperitif in the hotel, on the beach, during a night on the town, on the golf course or even on a trip.  This Bordeaux can be consumed without the risk of breaking the bottle.  It also respects alcohol guidelines: the 25-cl can is equivalent to two glasses of wine!

We hope you enjoy our website.  You can feel at ease with Pink Grap, your new experience!





































































































































































































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