Good wine is no longer in a bottle.

Light and fruitful, the wine aroma evokes red berries, particularly raspberries.  The wine can be served chilled (8-10°) or served at a moderate temperature (14-16°). Our wine comes from the Vinification des Côtes de Gensac (Gironde, France). Use of aluminum cans to conserve the wine facilitates transport and stocking. PinkGrap is best if consumed within two years of purchase.

Testing note:

The color is characterized by a pleasant lightly translucent carmine red.
The nose at the opening, the wine reminds us of red berries, particularly raspberries; youthful wine “non compote” and very pleasant, by shaking it, it proves to be gastronomic detection of refined tannins, with a real olfactory ripeness.
The mouth We find again in mouth the gastronomic aroma that we have already discovered, but it’s accentuated by a pleasant fruity taste, the tannins are very soft and , at the end, the sourness is balanced.
Conclusion: This wine is a real success and we enjoy sampling it during a meal or at any other moment, cool or at a classic temperature for a Red Bordeaux.

Pink Grap specs.

Volume                        250 ml
Colour                         red
Category                     Vin tranquille
Country/Region             France, Bordeaux
Grap variety                 60% Merlot – 40% Cabernet-sauvignon
Classification                A.O.C.
Alcohol                        12.5 %     


















































































































































































































































































































































































































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